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Problems with multicast UDP upgrading from 2009 to 2010

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I am switching Windows 7 laptops and upgrading from LABVIEW 2009 to LABVIEW 2010. One of the vi's I developed in 2009 works fine on the old laptop, but with the new laptop and LABVIEW 2010 the UDP Multicast Read-Only Open block throws error 59: the network is down, unreachable, or has been reset. The inputs to the UDP Multicast Open are multicast addr: "" (converted to an IP address with a String to IP block: 3758096385) and port: 20103.


I can monitor the UDP traffic with wireshark and see that everything else is running properly. I can even run the old system simultaneously with no issues, but the new system still gets error 59. I have checked all the network settings including turning off the windows firewall.


Does anybody know of any issues that I could have missed?

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Try building an EXE from the 2009 machine, and running it on the 2010 machine.

If it runs OK, then the problem on the LabVIEW side of the fence, if it fails, then it's a Windows problem.


"Not Reachable" almost always means a system setup problem.

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Apparently LABVIEW chooses a disconnected bluetooth network connection over a connected local area network connection.

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