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Problems with builded app and shared variables

I got connection error message (Invalid server: cannot connect to server) when selecting a shared variable using dashboard. The app is running on a Win7 PC.


I have no problem connecting the PC's IP at my dashboard indicator, even, I can select the shared vars library of my app.

I opened the ports on Windows and Router TCP: 2343, 59000-60000 UDP: 2343, 6000-6010, and created new inbound rules for the kads.exe, lktsrv.exe and tagsrv.exe programs and installed the Run-Time 2013 engine on that PC. By the way, the application also has HTML files created with the web publishing tools that is working OK.


When I test the application on my develop PC (with LabVIEW 2013) everything works fine.


Did I miss something?


Msc. Jesus Hidalgo
CLA, and NI Certified Professional Instructor
Discipline, pasion for excelence...
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Hello jesushidalgo,


Make sure that there is not a personal firewall enabled on either computer that could be blocking the NI-PSP packets.


Acess and see the solution.


Acess:  to see how configure software and hardware Firewalls to support National Instruments Products.


Tell me if worked, ok?


Best Regards



Rita Souza
Engenharia de Aplicações
National Instruments Brazil

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