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Problems with Feedback Node

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I'm trying to control the position of a stepper motor with labview. I'm using the square waveform vi and trying to count the number of pulses and control the duty cycle to thus control the position of the motor (open loop). However, when running my code, it seems that the feedback node does not output any information above like 3Hz inputted frequency to the square waveform vi. If I remove the duty cycle input to the square waveform vi, it works fine. Because of this problem, the "actual position" indicator does not change. I am directly looking at the feedback node with the signal 4 graph.


Thanks in advance!


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Just needs a small tweak in the logic


Compare elements then or the array


The default behavior for the single value comparisons (=0,<=0 etc...) on a waveform input is to AND the comparison of Y[]

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Thanks so much for your quick reply! This did solve my issue. 

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