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Problems viewing certain registers in distribution manager

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Accepted by topic author Mango17

Using LabVIEW's built-in MODBUS VIs I am able to successfully read all of the registers for the MFCs. It's a mystery why the I/O server method is having problems reading those particular registers I mentioned earlier. Maybe there is a mismatch in the CRC causing the error??


One thing: With the MODBUS Read Holding I notice that I can successfully read 41 successive 16-bit registers, but when I try to read 49 successive 16-bit registers I get an error status <APPEND> function code d-389113 (I didn't try any number 42-48). It makes sense that there would be a limit to how many items you can read from 1 ping... but if this is the source of the error I can't figure out what that limit is.

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Wild gess by me...


The server has those registers mapped as a string array a not as intergers.


Just guessing,



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