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Problems downloading from NI


Does anyone else have consistent problems downloading from the NI ftp site?  This has been going on for me for a long time (over a year), the download is limited to 11 Mbps and drops out continuously during the download.  Effective speed is much lower then 11 Mbps.  I checked with NI and they do not limit transfer speeds.  I have checked here at work and there are no limits here as well.  I do not see the same problem downloading from other places, just NI.  I am in the Washington, DC area.




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Randall Pursley
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Hello Randall,


Have you tried downloading from the ftp site outside of your work place's network? If you do not see the problem there, I would think it has something to do with the network settings or adminsitrative settings on your work computer. If the problem is specific to yoru work computer(s), it might be a good idea to check with the IT department and even contact Microsoft support. 

Vivek Nath
National Instruments
Applications Engineer

Machine Vision
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I'm having the exact same problem trying to download from NI. Very slow connection speed and eventually times out. Any follow up on what the cause was??

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I'm trying to narrow down this problem.


Ricky77, are you located in the DC area as well?  Have you tried downloading from a different network?

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Hi Kyle,


Thank you for taking an interest in this. I am not in the DC area, I'm in California (L.A area). I've tried downloading from work, home, and currently from a third location - all with the same result. I can't seem to break ~2.4KB/sec even though the connection I'm using is much faster than that. This only seems to happen when trying to download from NI, other sites work just fine. At the current rate, my file will take 108 hours to download. Any idea what could be causing this? I've checked the boards and nobody else seems to be having this problem other than the user who started this post.


Thanks again for your help! I've also written the webmaster and am awaiting a response.


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Contacting the webmaster is a great idea.  While you're awaiting a response, try running a traceroute to  Maybe you have a very large number of hops to get here, and it's causing spotty network performance.

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Another thing, have you tried from a different computer?  Or maybe also try completely disabling Windows firewall and see if the download speed picks up.

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Thank you for your suggestions Kyle, they helped me troubleshoot the problem and it seems it had to do with my drive. On a hunch, I ran a full defrag on my C: drive and magically the problem resolved itself after that.


Very odd behavior, but at least all is well now. Thanks again!

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Randall, are you still having issues with down load speed from

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