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Problem with user defined alarms in DSC

I'm trying to manage User Defined Alarms in DSC (LabVIEW 2011). I have two problems:

- I can Set and Clear an UDA from the development environment, but the Set VI takes 500 ms to finish, which seems a lot of time

- as soon as I create an executable, the Clear operation fails with error -1967362020 (IAK_SHARED: (Hex 0x8ABC701C) The provided refnum is invalid)

Do you have any suggestions?

LV 7.1, 2011, 2017, 2019
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I believe by default, a project has the shared variable deployment set to autodeploy.

When the first app using them starts running, they are deployed and should remain deployed until the last vi using them is stopped.

I would suggest trying turning auto-deploy off, manually deploy the variables (as a network shared), and run the applications.

As I understand them, the shared variables should remain available until you undeploy them or exit Labview.


Best regards.

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Thank you for the answer.

I tried first with the DSC Alarms Demo project (copied to another location), then with my original project.

In the first case, shared variables are deployed and undeployed programatically. In the second case, they are already deployed and active at computer start. I can easily verify those conditions using the Distributed System Manager.

On the other hand, I can always set the User Defined Alarm the first time with no error. It's the subsequent Clear operation that fails.


Some more details. When the error occurs, this message appears at program termination:


Furthermore, if I use the same alarm name in subsequent tests, also in the development environment, the error occurs and the Runtime Error appears at program termination or closing the project (LabVIEW stops responding and is abruptly terminated by the OS). In other words, the used name becomes "forbidden" forever.

To successfully run the test again, I need to use a brand new alarm name.


LV 7.1, 2011, 2017, 2019
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