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Problem with report generation: incorrect VI icons

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I'm working on a LabVIEW project (8.5.1) which includes a certain number of VIs (500). I have created a little LabVIEW application to produce automatically a HTML documentation of the project.


The problem I have, is that, from time to time the document contains bad icons but only for a few VIs and not always the same...


I had a look to ReportDocExtension.llb and found that the VI which is called was a bit strange. I think that this VI, if it is called suficently rapidly could, from time to time, generate identical file names.


Has someone experienced the same problem? Is it a known bug?


Thank you by advance for your answer.

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known issues are listed on


hope this helps

Rodéric L
Certified LabVIEW Architect
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Rodéric a écrit :

known issues are listed on


hope this helps

More precisely where can this be found on


I think the problem I mentioned seems like a bug (still in LV2010). See attached VI which shows that the name generated by is "pseudo unique" as suggested in the title but not unique as suggested in the comment..


So that, if you generate programatically a HTML report it is possible that you "loose" one .jpg file corresponding to a VI icon (typically the icon of VI n°1 can be named LVtemp0340086242585c.jpg and the icon of VI n°2 can have the same name). In this case, in the generated report, the icon of VI n°2 is correct but the icon of VI n°1 corresponds to the icon of VI n°2!


Now that I have found the origin of my problem, I'll set up a workaround.




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