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Problem with packed library.

Hello Everyone

i am trying to add 3D surface graph control in one of the vi and making llb fo that vi

while loading that vi from labview llb it loads ok in development system.

but not in EXE.

For solution i tried to add packed library for that vi but in packed library it dosent load that vi, showing vi broken error even in development system.Packed library project.JPG

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Why does it say that it's broken?



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Why don't you compress the folder holding the Project and attach the resulting .zip file to your reply?  It's very hard to diagnose LabVIEW code we can't inspect and test.  If you don't want our help, don't post here ...


Bob Schor

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First, let's clear up terminology.  You mention both LLB and PPL.  Are you making a LLB (an old file format) or the PPL (.lvlibp)?  I suspect it's the latter.


If you are, the LV2018 known issues list CAR 590224 as causing issues when using XControls in a PPL.  The 3D surface graph uses one of these and would likely cause issues with that CAR.


That's likely what you're running into.

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