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Problem with input reading

Hi guys. I made a .vi that generates an output signal and it reads in input. I could not change in real time, frequency and amplitude, in the sense that changing the values ​​of these two quantities there were not changes. I must press stop and then i set the new values ​​to get the desired changes. This is because I had not added a while loop. At the time that I included the while loop with regard to output it's ok. The problem is reading input. If through two cables i connect the output pins with the input pins of my card daq i can not display the signal that I'm creating and I do not understand where I'm wrong. I'm using LabView from two weeks and i are not very practical. I am sorry for my bad English. Thanks
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Right now you have two tasks running in parallel.

Are they suppose to run sequentially?

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Yes Smiley Happy

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Hi Zlatan,


I cannot understand your issue: do you want to change dynamically the signal paramethers during the generation, or do you want to do anything else?



have a nice day.



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