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Problem with cluster elements sum

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I have a problem (perhaps very simple to solve). I have a cluster with 3 integers inside. I`m building an array of these elements (after unbundling my cluster) and I want to sum all these elements. However, my result is not satisfying. For example: my array: [255,255,238] and LV shows me sum of these elements: 236. 


Probe 6 on my printscreen: my array

Probe 7: result of sum operation


What am I doing wrong? Thanks in advance


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Your datatype seems to be U8, so the maximum value can only be 255. (It is a bit hard to read because of the image scaling). Why don't you attach the VI instead?


If you need the real sum, you need to convert to a different representation (e.g. U16) first.


Also, what is the purpose of the FOR loop? Since it only runs for one iteration, you might as well delete it.

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How didn`t I notice that ? 🙂 Thanks a lot - I knew it was stupid.


And about that loop - it will be more than 1 iteration (number of snapshots taken by cam and saved to bitmap file), but I`ve changed it for a while for easier debugging.


Thanks once again.

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