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Problem with biphasic signal generator

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I have filtered signal and detected envelope with OAT envelope of given length. And now i need to modulate it with biphasic signal (picture). The biphasic signal should have same length as my envelope signal. I want to be able to change width of both peak(25us) and width of period, frequency(1 kHz), amplitude(1) of that biphasic signal. I know that i can start with pulse (check my scheme). But I dont know how to put it together it give me only one period. I have LabVIEW 2013.



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Accepted by topic author TomTomTomTomTom

You can repeat your signal pattern by means of a loop. Keep in mid that the number of times the pattern is repeted depends of th lenght of your message and the sampling frequency you are using for both the pattern and the message. Check this picture (just a quick suggestion):

Repeat pattern


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Thank you for your answer. This forum is great!


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hi there is any way you could upload the code i tried to work with this one but my one is not 

working thanks a lot 

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