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Problem with Write to spreadsheet vs. Write delimited

Hey all,


Ok, I finally got around to installing LabVIEW2015 (yeah, I know), and have found an issue.  I get two different responses with the two different VI's... the original gives me a nice clean data set as in the SoundSample1.txt file.  When I go in and replace the old VI with the new one I get the data in SoundSample2.txt.  I changed nothing, just right clicked on the old vi, selected "Replace" and browsed to the new vi and selected it.  Icon changed to the new one and now I get this.  Thoughts?  I've dug around on the forums, but haven't seen anything related to this.





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There shouldn't have been any behavioral changes to the VI. I noticed that your second file has all the original data, but with a bunch of new data appended to it. By default, the VI (old and new) will not append to file. But if you have TRUE wired to the 'append to file' input, then the contents of your original file will be kept, and new data will be appended to the old data.


So I'm guessing the VI is working as described when run a second time pointed to the same file, but you'd need to post a VI that demonstrates the problem for us to know for sure.

DNatt, NI
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It also looks like the file with more data has that additional data transposed.

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Ok, I had appended the second sound sample shown previously, so we can disregard that one (my apologies, I forgot to delete the previous iteration), I have attached a SoundSample2.txt that is what I'm getting out of the new VI.  I have also attached both the old and new VI's for review.   Again, I've searched the forum for similar issues and haven't found anything related, so it must be something that I'm doing wrong.  A point in the right direction would be greatly appreciated!

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In your old VI, you have a FALSE wired to the 'append to file' input and a TRUE wired to the 'transpose' input. In your new VI, those values are reversed.

DNatt, NI
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Bingo!  The Context Help has them reversed!  When I hover my cursor over the wire to "True", it shows the data type of wire to be "append to file", but the context help for the whole VI shows that connection to be "transpose"!   Reverse the values and my data now shows properly.  Might make a note to update that.


Thanks guys/gals!




C there someone we should notify about this?

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The context help is showing the labels of the constants. When you did the subVI replacement, the wiring of those two terminals got switched around. I'll see if there's anything we can do about that. Thanks for reporting the issue.

DNatt, NI
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FYI, I have filed CAR 572232 on this issue. Specifically, the issue is that, if the 'append to file' input is wired on the deprecated VI, that wire gets moved to the 'transpose' input after replacing the deprecated VI with the new VI. If you also had the 'transpose' terminal wired, that wire gets moved to the 'append to file' input.

DNatt, NI
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@X. wrote:

Interesting how the same problem gets different feedbacks... 

I never saw the other thread. Monitoring the discussion forums isn't part of my official job duties, so stuff slips through the cracks a lot. Sorry about that.

DNatt, NI
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