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Problem with NIDaq reading and exporting continuous data in LabVIEW



We are having a problem with data collection in our LabVIEW code for our NIDaq board. The Daq board aquires a voltage from a torque sensor, and our code generates the waveform created by the sensor. However, when we try to export this data to an excel file we only get the last 1000 points (or whatever number we specified in the samples per channel component).  We have tried changing this number to -1 but it does not acqure any data in the excel file. We have attached the file, and if you have any suggestions regarding how to export continuous data to the excel file it would be much appreciated!

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You are collecting 1000 samples per read and not doing anything with them until the last loop.  You can either put the write inside the loop so you write to file every iteration or you can use shift registers to build an array until you write to file after the final loop, this can use a lot of memory though depending on how much data you are collecting.  Its always a good idea to move away from express vi's because the write to measurement file will open and close the file every time you use it. 


Look into labview examples for writing to file and producer consumner architecture.

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