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Problem with Graph XY


I'm a new Labview user and  I try to plot two parameters in a XY graph. and my XY graph not showing any graph.

Please can you tell me why. This is my VI



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To produce an xy graph with a time element - see the attached picture


You may also require a timer within the loop to prevent the vi taking excessive computing power.


XY graph.jpg

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thanks by I not use a Time element

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Hi FrancoM,


In fact you can see one point in X and Y, because you chose the VI read Analogique 1D wfm Nvoies 1Echant. So this VI will return a waveform with a array of 1 élement for X and Y. 

If you want to plot more point you need to use the VI read Analogique 1D wfm Nvoies NEchant.



Rémi D.
National Instruments France

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