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Problem with Frequency and duty cycle on FPGA using an NI 9505

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I'm having a problem with my FPGA code which is controlling a NI 9505 H bridge module. The problem is It's not acting like I would expect it to. The Square wave generator does not seems to be taking in my two variables for duty cycle and frequency. I'm new to LabVIEW and FPGA, so I'm sure the problem will be obvious. I just can't seem to figure it out. I've attached a screen shot of the code, as well as, the code it self.

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you have wired integer values into a fixed point input.

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When I change those variables to fixed points I still get the same results.

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delete your controls.  go into the express VI and set the values as you would like them.  close the express vi.  create constant on the terminal of the express vi to observe the value that they expect for that terminal.  a value of .5 in duty cycle but the frequency is probably not what you expect it to be.

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Thanks for the help. My problem was I did not edit my variables to follow the wave generators requirements. I had to have unsigned fix point data with 32 bit word length and 0 bit int word length as inputs instead of the default values for fix points.

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