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Problem with Embedded CAN in sbRIO

Hey guys, i have a problem developing a VI for a sbRIO 9627.As you can see in the picture below, I'm using the Embedded CAN palette and I'm trying to read two CAN network signals from a vehicle.Whats happens is, when using the filter frame, i can put only one identifier, for a example FC(252 in Hex), which corresponds to the vehicle DBC(database) package ID. When i put such an array of this control "identifier", it fails to read the signals and the program stops with an error.Anyone ever had this problem?I just want to read two signals of diferent identifiers.If someone didn't understand, i can explain further.

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Hello Giuliano06,

1. What's the version of your NI-Embedded CAN for RIO driver? 
Only the version 15.0 or later supports the sbRIO-9627. Take a look on this Readme:

NI-Embedded CAN for RIO 15.0 Readme

2. I saw that you used some NI-XNET functions. The sbRIO-9627 is not compatible with the NI-XNET or NI-CAN drivers. Instead, they use the NI-Embedded CAN for RIO driver. Take a look on this KB:

How Does the NI-Embedded CAN for RIO Driver Differ from the NI-XNET or NI-CAN Driver?

Note: If you wish to use the NI-XNET Driver, the sbRIO-9627 only supports the driver with NI-986x C Series Modules when connected through a Mezzanine Card.

3. What's the version of your LabVIEW, Windows?

4. What's the error? (code, message). 

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