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Problem with Current VIs path function

I'm running into strange behavior with code that was compiled into an executable that uses the "Current Vis path" feature. On most of the machines, it is returning the expected path, however, on one of the machines it recently started going into the directories under the executable for the search. This is part of a released package so I don't have the flexibility to change it.



Is there something on the PC in the path or environment variables that would explain why a different path would be reported on one machine compared to all the others? To my knowledge, they all have the same LabView 2009 SP1 runtime engine and drivers. The UseLabview 8.x file layout option was not selected. 

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I'm not sure why you're talking about search. Current VI Path simply returns the path of the current VI. There is no search involved.


If the function is returning a path in a folder outside the EXE, then there are some options:


  1. When the EXE was built, the 8.x option was enabled. Doesn't seem reasonable, but it could happen and it would be my best guess.
  2. The build spec is set up to place some VIs outside the EXE.
  3. Nothing else comes to mind.

I would suggest taking the EXE from another PC and seeing how that works. If that doesn't help, a screenshot of the code and the resulting path would help us to make sure we're all talking about the same thing.

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Please read the full post. The execuatble was built with the 8.x option disabled and is installed on multiple machines. It is giving me the problem on only one of the machines. I need to know why the same executable is returning a different path on only one of the machines.

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@Steve_Block wrote:

Please read the full post.

I did, which is why I said it was less likely.


Like I said, if replacing the EXE doesn't help, then we will need those screenshots.

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