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Problem using Cluster as User Parameter in Reg Event Callback

I have an ActiveX object which raises an event I want to subscribe to. The event has two parameters in which I am interested and want to use in my main VI. I used Reg Event Callback to subscribe to the event, I right-click on the RegEvent Callback object and selected Create Callback VI to create the far so good.

Because there are two parameters I am interested in I created a cluster made up of two number indicators in my main VI. I created a reference to that Cluster and wired it to the User Parameter input of the RegEvent Callback. I also dragged the cluster reference to my callback VI so that I could set the values in the Cluster. The problem is that once I connect the cluster reference to the User Parameter input of the Reg Event Callback in my Main VI the connection from my callback VI to the VI Ref input breaks and I get a Wire: class conflict error. How can I get the data from my event in my callback VI to the cluster in my main VI?


I've included screenshots of the relevant portions of code.



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Hi mashman,


Would you mind posting the subVI and the main VI you sent pictures of?


Also, here is a KnowledgeBase article about the Wire:Class Conflict Error.  


Kristen H.

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Thanks Kristen,


I plugged away for a while and was able to get the error to go away. Basically I re-created the callback VI from scratch, this time with the Cluster connected to the User Parameter input BEFORE I right-clicked and selected create callback VI. Not sure if that made the difference but it seems to be working now.




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A bit late, but in case you run into this problem again, you can fix it by right-clicking on the VI reference in your main VI, choosing Browse for Path, and reselecting your Callback VI.  This will update the VI reference to match the revised connector pane.  You might also need to check off the "Strictly Typed VI reference" (this might be sufficient on its own to fix your problem).  The VI reference should have a red star at the top, indicating a strict type reference.
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