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Problem to run Host.exe with run as startup RT

Hello, I have a project completely developed and tested in the labview, using a cRIO 9036, basicly my project consist in, and a Now i'm trying to create a executable to put this software runing in a Widows plataform without labview instaled.


I created the Host.exe pretty easy, and tested runing the in the labview and worked, but when i build a RT.rtexe and put to run as startup and try to view the data in my controler by the Host.exe nothing happens, the data doesn't appear in my Host.exe


I'm using an AMC comunication and network shared variables, to send the data from RT to Host.

Somebody already saw something like that or know a solution for this problem?

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You might have a synchronization problem, or "Who Starts First?" issue.  If you have the deployed Target software set to run at Startup, then you should assume that Target.rtexe will be running before Host.exe gets started.  This implies that Target needs to monitor Host, waiting for Host to "reach out" and establish contact with the already-running Target.


Another thing to consider is where you are hosting the Network Shared Variables.  If they are being hosted on Host, then they may or may not be available to Target when it starts.  On the other hand, if they are being hosted on the Target, then if Host cannot "see" them, then Host knows that something is wrong (as Target is supposed to be already running) and can alert the Operator/User.



Bob Schor

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