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Problem to read serial port data, from pic 16f877.... any help!

Hi guys,

I have lb7.0, and i need to read the serial port from the pic 16f877. I am sending 3 pairs of 2 bytes as data.

I am testing with the hyperterminal, and the recieved is ok!.
But i know very litle with visa, and i test the examples, and i got only the screen error 1073807202.

I dont understand why, i put 8bits ,19200 bauds, no parity, 1 bit stop....

Can anyone give me any example file to read the pic? or any advises...
I am very loss with the serial port adjustament on labview..

Any example will be very interesting...

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When you right click on the error code of the error out cluster, select Explain Error. The error code means "A code library required by VISA could not be located or loaded." That would indicate that you don't have VISA installed. It's on the Device Driver Reference CD that you got with LabVIEW (versions 7 and higher).
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Hi Dennis!

Today i install lv7.1 profesional full options.
But i see the same, when i execute any example appear the same error. Look at the picture.
Tell me what i must to do... i became crazy with it.
How can i to know if i have the visa install full??. i should to have all, since i install full options. So, i dont understand what is happening, the error is strange.

Any advise will be very gratefull to me...
I attached a simple example i found in the forum, the error appear to executate the program, and the serial runs since at hyperterminal i recieved the data...
Very strange..

Help me?.
Regards, Fonsi.
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Open MAX (Measurement and Automation Explorer) and expand the Software listing in the Configuration window. You should have a listing for NI-VISA. Also expand the Devices and Interfaces>Ports listing. Verify your com ports are listed.
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Hi Dennis,

I have very strange problem!!.

I hadnt the visa installed, and i remove the program lb7.0 and 7.1 to install only the again the lb7.1 and later the drivers visa3.2 from ni web.
And i removed the progrma from control panel/remove program... and later delete folders and files from c/program files/nationalinstruments...

But very strange, when i try to install again only the 7.1, i start the setup and later the cd install ONLY permit to me install the drivers, it BELIEVE i have installed the program ready. But i dont have any folder with national files...

What is the problem?. I shold to delete any carpert...

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I'm not sure exactly what steps you've taken or the order that you've taken them in. The best thing might be to start from scratch. Uninstall all NI software, delete all folders, and remove any registry entries. Then install LabVIEW 7.1. You have two CDs that come with LabVIEW. The first installs only LabVIEW and the second is for the hardware drivers. If you don't get prompted for the second CD, that's okay, you can insert it by itself and run the setup.exe that's on it. At the very minimum, you need to install MAX (Measurement and Automation Explorer), VISA, and GPIB.
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Hi dennis,

I got run all!. i re-install the lb7.1 and later the visa 3.0, all runs perfectly.
Now i have problem with the application to read the data..

I have the pic, it sends 3 readings of 3 sensors.
one sensor is frequency of drum, and when the pic count the freq send the 3 readings to pc.
It uses 3 pairs of 2 bytes as data...
but i dotn know adjust the timeout or the number of bytes readings....
Also i see only the hex numbers, put i dont know put in arrays.From each reading.

I would like to have 3 arrays with the differents sensors.
Can you help me in the any example to get the 3 readings in differents arrays?.
Thanks , regards.
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i forget...

I want the arrays in decimal numbers.
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any help?
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