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Problem locating non-NI VISA name

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Hi all,


We're trying to resurrect an old LabVIEW RT system that has a non-NI PCI card.

Legacy instructions say to browse to the IP address 'Home' page - e.g. "" from another PC and the required device will show below the 'Generic Desktop PC'.  The VISA name should be in the general form of PXI::1::INSTR

Unfortunately, after a couple of seconds we get information saying there's a problem and if it persists to contact NI.

We tried using Measurement and automation explorer to browse to the RT but that didn't show any cards under Devices and Interfaces.

We also tried the NI Network Browser but that too only showed the RT system with no way to browse down.

Other than getting NI support involved, does anybody have any suggestions as to how to discover the device name?


Yours hopefully!

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That sounds like either a missing 3rd party hardware driver or the card has no smoke left in it. Has it been tested lately?

"Should be" isn't "Is" -Jay
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Accepted by topic author Mr_Eee

We had tested the card before a recent equipment move.

Our eventual solution was to put the RT hard-drive to one side and reinstall LV RT 2012 from scratch on a spare drive then follow our configuration procedure.  The whole process took a long time because we had to install LV 2012 and then the RT and drivers too on a host PC, to create the install USB....etc

All sorted now!

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