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Problem in synchronizing 3 boards (PCI 6733, 6713, 6534)

I am trying to synchronize these 3 boards to do analog output & digital output with a RTSI cable.  My problem is that I can only synchronize 2 boards but not 3. I have successfully sunchronized 1 PCI 6733 and 1 PCI 6713, and synchronized 1 PCI 6733 and 1 PCI 6534. But using this VI,  setting PCI 6733 as the master board, I can only synchronize 6534 with 6733. The 6713 board seems to have some random delay time with the other two boards. Can anybody help me check my VI? Thanks a lot.
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Hello QQS,

Is it possible for you to switch over to NI-DAQmx instead of using Traditional DAQ?  The C API for DAQmx is much cleaner and intuitive as well as having many other advantages.  Most importantly, there is also an example of how do synchrnoized AI and AO in ANSI C which I have attached to this post.
I would highly recommend trying out this example to see if it works for you.  Then we can work on modifying it to output your waveform file.
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Hello to everyone that reads this thread,

Please ignore my first post, it doesn't make any sense at all!  I have been working on two different synchronization issues today and have confused the two.  Following is the appropriate response.

Hello QQQ,
I took a look at your code and I don't really see where any sort of signal is being routed to the RTSI line (even though two boards are configured to receive a RTSI signal).  I have attached a screen shot of a block diagram that shows how to how to synchronize a finite analog input and digital pattern input operation (with a 653x device) in Traditional NI-DAQ.  The 653x device acts as the master, routing its REQ clock to the analog input scan clock over RTSI.  The MIO device uses AI Clock to select the RTSI line as the source of its scan clock.  This example should be able to be modified to accomodate the specific tasks of your particular application (analog output synchronized with digital output).

Sorry for any confusion I have caused!
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