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Problem in Loading an image onto a .NET Picture box in a standalone LabVIEW application

Hi All, I am using an .NET picture box control in my FP which allows me to resize image without much fuss. The snippet that loads the image is attached. I build an application for the same and when I run it, the attached error pops up. How does a code that works in development environment throws an error in the standalone application. Am I missing something here? any help in this regard is appreciated. Thanks in advance Regards, S.P.Prasaanth
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It's a common mistake generally happens when using Path.
-Try creating indicator at path in both environments and see what is the difference.
-And read:


Edit: Attach actual code/vi instead of screenshot to get more help

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Hi Uday,

Thank you for the response. But I am sure the file path is correct. I have verified the same as well



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