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Problem communicating with a Chroma LCR Meter using VISA

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Thank you very much for the detailed explanation. It all makes sense now.

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For completeness and to share with others I have attached a screenshot of the solution which works a treat.


Thanks again for all the help. 

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I recommend doing one thing.


Go to the string constant, right click, Visible Items >> Display Style.


When you use a non-normal display like \codes, it helps to show the display style for the reasons I mentioned in my previous post.  It let's you see at a glance in the future, that the \n in there is a linefeed character and not a backslash "n".  With that display indicator, it is ambiguous looking at a picture of your code whether you set that constant correctly or not.


It is also a good idea to do it for string constants set to hex display.  And any numeric constants that aren't set for decimal display.

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