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Problem building exe

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I have two projects, for one, I built an exe and it is running great. In the second project, in one of the several Vi's that I have, I call in the code the exe I had created before and if I run the program everything is fine. Then, I built an exe for my second project (the one that includes my first exe), and the problem comes when I run it, all looks good until I reach that part of the program that calls the first exe, it just doesn't load it.


I hope you understand what I exe.pngHere is how I call my first exe of my first project.


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Without knowing anything else, the obvious guess is that your path is wrong. Put a string indicator on the string to path output so you can see what path is being generated at run time.

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Hi Paco,


It is important to understand what the "application directory" gives you when you call it from different application types. This is from the help file:

"Application Directory VI

Returns the path to the directory containing the application.

If you call this VI from a stand-alone application, this VI returns the path to the folder containing the stand-alone application.

If you call this VI from the development environment and the VI is loaded in a LabVIEW project file (.lvproj), this VI returns the path to the folder containing the project file. If the project is not saved, this VI returns <Not a Path>."


The way you are calling it, on your disk your files should look like this:

  • Folder 1
    • Executable1.exe
    • Ejecutable ADQ
      • AdqSiaEpi.exe

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Thank you! The problem was that the AdqSiaEpi.exe file was not in the correct folder.



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