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Probe watch window is not working

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 I am using 2015 Labview software. I cannot able to view probe watch window. I can place probe on any wire but once I double click on the probe I cannot able to access probe watch window instead probe on corresponding wire is getting selected.

In task manager, I can find probe window, but I cannot able to locate. All other debugging tools are working fine.

I have checked VI properties->execution->allow debugging(is enabled).

What may be the cause? But earlier time probe window is working fine. Currently this problem arises.

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Accepted by topic author Kannan_Kn
  • Double-clicking a probe to find it only works in run mode, not in edit mode. Try "right-click...find probe" instead.
  • Your probe window could be outside the visible screen area of the monitor. Did you have e.g. a dual monitor setup earlier?
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Why are all the menu items in your screen shots underlined?  That is very odd.


Could it possibly be connected to the missing probe window?  Maybe, but I think it would be unlikely.


My guess would be Altenbach's suggestion is that the probe window is off screen.

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Where is the probe window location defined in the ini?

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Take a look at your LabVIEW.ini file.


I see an entry called WatchWindowPos with a series of numbers.  Right now mine says WatchWindowPos=88;380;409;1255;119;122;1415;0;0;0;311;353;516

See if anything looks odd, like perhaps negative numbers.


Now here's an odd behavior I see.  If I minimize the probe watch window, then close it via the taskbar, the ini setting says



If I create a new probe, the window opens up to the very upper left of my desktop in too small of a window.  My desktop is set up with monitor 2 on the left, monitor 1 which is my primary desktop screen on the right.  I also found it hard to find the edge to be able to drag it open and larger.


Could any of this explain what you are seeing, or actually "not seeing"?





To me, I'd consider this behavior a bug, or perhaps an annoyance.  Ideally, a window shouldn't be saved with a position this small or far out from its original position because the window happened to be minimized when it was closed.



Try deleting that line from your LabVIEW.ini file and saving it,

Then try opening the probe watch window.


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Thank you so much Altenbach & RavensFan you are write. Yes, Probe watch window was in offline.

May I know where I find LabVIEW.ini file. What it is?

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It is in the folder next to labview.exe (try e.g. C:\Program Files (x86)\National Instruments\LabVIEW 2015, or whatever your LabVIEW version is).

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@Kannan_Kn wrote:

Thank you so much Altenbach & RavensFan you are write. Yes, Probe watch window was in offline.

May I know where I find LabVIEW.ini file. What it is?

It stores all of the environment settings for LabVIEW.  The options you set in Tools >  Options in LabVIEW get stored in there.  But it also stores other settings that LabVIEW needs to remember that don't have a user-facing way to set them.  Location of the last position of the Probe watch window is one of those.

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