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Printing on a DYMO LabelWriter 450 Turbo...?

Hello everyone,

Currently I'm in the need of printing bar codes using a DYMO LabelWriter 450 Turbo. I've read 2 post with a related issue, someone trying to print using the LabelWriter450. In that post, the .VI has attached, this person developed an ACTIVEX base VI, in which he/she managed to print label with different barcode values (task that I want to accomplish also)


I've read the SDK manual from the DYMO webpage, to understand the block diagram code and a question popped up:


String Indicators:

GetDymoPrinters: Here it appears printer it was selected.

Getobjectnames: it doesn't appear anything when I run the vi.


String controls:

  • Filename: [the path of the layout label file. It's extension can be ".label" or ".lwl". In my case I saved my label template as ".label"
  • Field: [in here what do I enter???]
  • Text: [here do I write down the new value which I want the label to be printed with??]


Any tips on this matter is well appreciated.


In advance,thanks to all.

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I understand that to see the object field you have to change variable "bVariableOnly" (tray both true or false)

You will see the name field that you have to use as Field in string control.

Text is the text you want to print

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Thank you. I figured it out on my own. Indeed you are correct. But I'm still having problems selecting the desired printer, If more than 1 printer is connected to your system. In other words, if for some reason, I have connected to my laptop, PC, server, etc, several printers, haven't figured how to correctly select the desired printer. I'm currently using a property from the SDK of DYMO software, named "Select Printer"; this property gives you the current printers in use. Probably this will give me the desired solution I'm looking for.


Many thanks for your support.

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i have problem with Label Manager PnP because DLS are not supported and Framework doesn't work.

Have y any idea?

Thank You

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Which program is it; Label Manager PnP?

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