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Print scaled values from Waveform Chart

I am using a Daq device to acquire data acquisition but since the waveform chart only records voltage I had to use the scaling attribute to change the values from voltage to pounds and pressure. The problems I am having are 1. the digital displays still only show voltage and not the scaled values and 2. when I record the values are only voltage and not scaled. So I am wondering if there is anyway to change the digital display and be able to print out the scaled values.

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hello, I assume you have connected some sensors to your DAQ board, where the sensors give you voltage.


Now what I prefer is simply creating a conversion VI from voltage to pressure for that specific sensor and use that.


Take a look at you sensor datasheet, lets say your pressure sensor. If you find a graph there that looks a bit curved, its non-linear and you must linarize it. The methods to do that is simply math. Cheeper pressure sensors for simple applications are mostly linear. If it says 0-5bar, and the voltage range is 0-10Vdc, then you simply create a VI that devides the voltage by 2 so you get it in bar and you use that to your waveform graph. For best and most accurate sampling, you should configure your voltage range on your DAQ channel to just fit the scope of the voltage range of the sensor. I do not know what board you use, but I prefer atleast handling the scaling myself in the application (and have never done it otherwise), giving full control over my application, between conversions and able to monitor raw sensor voltage/milliamps to check sensor malfunction in case of a lot of sensors. This is atleast what I prefer Smiley Tongue

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