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Print front panel report not all image!

Hy everyone!

I have a little problem! I want to send the front panel to print. First time I send to printer at the normal dimension of vi and everything is ok, but after that I maximize the vi and after I pressed the button for send to printer and the image who appear in my default printer(Create PDF) is not all the front panel. I attash the code. I have 19" monitor. I test my program on my laptop with 15,6" and this problem not appear.... the minim resolution that i set for the vi is 1013x631(in vi size proprieties)

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You can use the Front Panel.Get Image method to get the image and then save in the format you want. 




You may also use the other method called Get Image Scaled.


The Image Data cluster can be used as input to the native image formats that LabVIEW supports (JPEG, BMP, PNG). 

Guilherme Correa
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Hi Guilherme!!

I also tried  your advice and the image quality is very very bad( for image in maximize mode).

I appreciate your answer!

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1. What image extension did you choose? The compression might cause some loss in quality.


2. Did you maybe try using "FP.Get Image Scaled" method?

FP Scaled Image.png

This one will enforce producing a picture with certain size preset by the user, whereas "FP.Get Image" will not allow for specifying particular resolution, which frequently leads to lower picture quality.

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