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@James_W wrote:

I'm going to second Ghostcript - it seems I did look at it years ago but never made it work for me (I think it cost money that was not available for my company then).

I have it somewhere...


As the author of the PDF Toolkit, I had this question a lot. Best choice ever was to not include printing in the toolkit. This is a mess...


As this isn't source code, and also because I'm not that organized, the "ghostscript VI" probably lives on a HDD in an old laptop. It didn't make it to SCC.


@James_W wrote:

My 2012 implementation that I eventually got working was ActiveX through a WebBrowser. (I think using AdobeX).
but a lot has changed in activeX support since then so there not even any point in digging out that code.

Good point. This one is pretty recent:

Acrobat Print Without Dialog.png


EDIT: Also attached it in LV13...

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Don't think about print to paper.
I'm talking about INDUSTRIAL AUTOMATION, And I'm gonna printing to an automatic labeler. It's the third time I have this need. The first two allowed me to print starting from a front panel VI, in this case the label will arive from an ERP, so I will receive PDF.
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In some industries (defence and medical) the piece of paper can still be more important than the electronic record as it actually goes around with the unit and contains a record of any changes to it that can't be easily added / switched on an electronic system. It's difficult to get out of that space with more complex devices that take longer to test and sign off - so it's possible.

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Here is the same result, direct print, with Ghostscript 😉

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