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Pressure Transmitter Recomendation

I an in search of a pressure transmitter in which I can
set the input range (resolution) via serial port using LabView.
Possibly sending a string to the transmitter to tell it what
range so as to get the best resolution as possible.
The application is that I need to measure pressures that can
range from say 1 to 2 psig upto 400-500 psig.
I would like to be able to set the range of the transmitter to
say 0-10,0-100 or 0-500 based on an initial pressure reading.
Any recomendations would be appreciated.
Dan Caragher
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Hi Dan,

Assuming that you are looking for a pressure transducer (I'm not familiar with "transmitter" name), I'll suggest PX971 from Omega. It's a piece of equipment and it seems to be exactly what you are looking for.

You can find a short description here [] or complete specs [].
Anyway, take a look to their entire presure related product line.

Hope this helps.
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I forgot to mention about ranges ... I'm not sure if you can choose them but anyway, the precision is quite good.
Good Luck!
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