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Pressure Transducer Reading requirements

Hello, totally new to using Labview and just starting to learn some of the ins and outs.  I currently have a lot of pressure transducers that have a 28v exitation voltage that are full bridged units which output 0-10v.  They are from Lord stellar tech.  I have a variety of NI modules for the cDAQ 9178 chassis and the ability to get whatever is best for this situation.  I am just wondering what would be the best way to acquire the data that I need.  I have an adjustable voltage supply but not sure what is the best module for this type of data. Thanks for the help

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What specific sensor are you using?

Matt J | National Instruments | CLA

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All transducers are of the ST35xx variety and are analog.

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What kind of NI modules do you have? We do offer some modules specifically for use with bridge-based sensors that can provide a certain amount of excitation but if you're already externally exciting the sensor, a basic analog input module paired with a custom software scale might suffice.

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Do you have the transducers that are a current output or a voltage output?  It will make a difference on what you use.  Too bad you don't have the digital variety of them.


Choose the current output if you have them.  Make sure your cables are STP and of adequate gauge for the length.  Also make them as short as possible.  Also be sure your power supply is filters and the supply lines are shielded and short.


I think a NI9207 would get you a module that can handle both varieties.



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Custom software scale written in Labview, correct? I.e a given voltage output equals a given psi, data given from cal sheet.  I have a NI-9237, NI-9219 and a NI-9220. Really just want the best way to get accurate data from my sensors.  Thanks for any suggestions.  

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You can create custom scales using the NI-DAQmx driver.


NI-DAQmx Custom Scales and Usage Explained


Both the 9220 and the 9219 should be capable of reading back voltages between the 0V-10V range without issue.

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