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Pre-registering for a camera event before the camera is initialized

In my application, I am configuring a camera which can either be set to external trigger mode or to continuous acquisition. The settings changes to the camera should be happening in a message handler, but I have a helper loop with an event structure that I would like listening to the "Frame Done" status signal from the camera. It appears that if I attempt to register for events on an uninitialized IMAQdx session, it throws an error and I cannot change the event registration in the event structure when I want to enable the trigger mode.


If I just wait in the timeout case of the helper loop for a frame to be ready, and set the grab vi to unlimited timeout, I believe I end up locking the loop and when I need to exit, I no longer will be able to because it's waiting for that timeout. Can anybody think of a way that I'd be able to register this event structure for the event that I want? I am using DQMH so I will not be able to initialize the camera before registering for the events (without breaking a lot of conventions of the framework).




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