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Power quality application (cRIO) SAR Read from problem

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Hello Smiley Happy,

i've been working on power quality messurements in labview 2016 , i have power quality add-on instaled on my labview, im also using crio-9074 module,and analog inputs 9225 and 9227, in power quality application sample section, there is a project named Power quality application (cRIO) SAR.lvproj, as part of it is subfolder in RT  named Read from part of magnitude and, im stuck on one detail and i hope someone can solve it form me, in provided picture 1. red circle is a part that i dont understand what's going on, as i can se the data from fifo are transforemed in matrix, and than one part of matrix is sumed and multiplide with samples per circle (in this case 192) frequency is 50HZ and on part 2. red circle  we got sample rate in Hz wich in this particular case when you double click on sample rate indicator is 9600, can someone explain mi what is purpose of these blocks, and how do we get exact number of 9600 for sample rate in Hz i would be really greatful.

Greetings from Croatia :))


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Hi simela!


Welcome to the NI forums! This is the general LabVIEW forum, and while there's a chance someone might have played with this example, which is part of the Electrical Power Suite, you might have better luck posting in the EPS subforum:


They will be more familiar with the suite, and might know off the top of their heads.

William R.
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Thanks. Cheers

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