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Power Supply Ramp Rate VI Modify



I am trying to control the ramp rate of a Glassman High Voltage Power Supply through LabView. Currently, my VI is set to increase the voltage by 1kV every 2 seconds, but the program does not work. When I run it, the voltage on the power supply changes, but the output of the waveform graph does not. I know that is is connecting and communicating with the power supply successfully. Every dependent VI was given from the manufacturer; so the only one I have modified is the My for loop/algorithm seems correct. Does anyone know why this is not working/what needs to be adjusted?


I've attached the VI.



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There are two VIs that don't show, GHV232 Send Data and Receive Data.  The Send control isn't wired to anything, but its value is being set to True by a Value property, yet the wire going into it comes from what is usually an output terminal from GHV232 Send Data (can't tell what the terminal, the right-most "upper" terminal in the 4-2-2-4 connector pattern, is supposed to do -- is it Input or Output?).


Bob Schor

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When I connect the Send control versus using the True by a Value property, the issue is still the same. The send property is just telling the Send Data VI to process the inputted voltage. That output terminal you are asking about is the VISA resource name output, it goes into the input of the receive data. I've attached the other 2 VI's.

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Any help would be appreciated. I have tried debugging this for quite a while and cannot figure it out. It just won't update the waveform or the voltage output value. 

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