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Post your interface


I wrote this application with a congested UI, lots of controls, indicators and plots.

Its going to be used mostly outdoors so a good contrast is necessary.

I was wondering if you have any suggestions on colors and textures for plots,

background, buttons etc. It would be very useful if you can post some of your

UI to give some ideas.




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Post your code or atleast a snapshot of your FP and you will get more responses.
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You are right.Here is one of the vi's, there are about 10 like it.


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If you have to plot multiple plots, try to put them on a single chart/graph if possible. You can just draw several plots in one window or you can separate them if necessary (like this):



Align everything in one pixel precision.


Don't know about you, but I just can't stand mor than 2-3 colors on a single panel (excluding the tinges). Don't overuse those. I have attempted to improve my GUI using colors. I have tried many of them. Lastly I have decided to stay with the defaul (I've only darkened it a bit).


Format the scales to be displayed in integer (I don't think that fractional precision is necessary on the 2000-length scale).



If you are searching for n inspiration, maybe this could help. Also you can visit UI Interest Group.



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While evaluating my code please have in mind that I am a LV novice. Therefore sometimes my code might violate some coding rules that I have to learn about myself. But how else could I do that... 🙂

Chart zoom with "Mouse Over" effect
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You can add decoration boxes and inside each one you can color them differently. I personally choose a color and vary the shades slightly.......
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