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Possible reconfiguration of a preset LabVIEW VI?

Hey all,


I'm currently working with both VBAI 2012 and LV 2012 for machine vision purposes. Our project requires detection of objects by the HSL (hue, saturation, luminance) method, and we'd like to implement a customized RGB-to-HSL formula in a .vi to implement in Vision Builder. The RGB-to-HSL algorithm built into the .DLL file for the Color Threshold .VI doesn't give us as desirable results as this custom RGB-to-HSL one.


The main problem we've run into is the actual implementation. Our in-depth knowledge of LabVIEW is limited, and we think we'd save quite a bit of time by simply creating a copy of the VBAI RGB-to-HSL .DLL file, implementing our code in place of the preassigned one, and saving it as a new .DLL to implement in the Call Library Function node in the Color Threshold .VI.


However, we can't seem to find the .DLL file in question. What we'd like to know is: is there any way we could locate this file and safely implement our custom algorithm for better HSL detection in our RGB images?


Another hurdle include the fact that our code is written in C#, while it appears the Call Library Function node in Color Threshold.VI is based in C.


Thanks in advance!

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The nivision.dll file is located in the Windows » System32 folder. However, it is not recommended that you actually modify the dll file itself. In order to get the custom algorithm for HSL detection in your RGD images, you will need to create an entirely new dll file or VI from scratch. You could choose to modify the IMAQ Color, as all it does it call a function from the dll.

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