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Possible for sub vi to abort caller vi and then keep running?

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I want to run my main vi,

and I want that main vi to call a sub vi,

when the sub vi starts, I want it to abort the main vi,

then, I want the sub vi to keep running.



I don't think so, because aborting the caller should also automatically abort all running sub vi's, but I wanted to confirm if there was some other trick I was missing.

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Dynamically call the subVI.  Perhaps do a Call and Forget setting?

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<Comment in total agreement with Raven's Fan> ...


Yes, indeed!  If you are careless about making sure your "detached" VIs get stopped either "by themselves" or by your main routine "reaching into them" and turning them off, you can have multiple VIs "running loose" when your main VI (and all of its legitimate offspring) stop.


Bob Schor

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Accepted by wnb

Ok, awesome, exactly what I was looking for.

Thanks you guys.


Solution that worked for me was to start an asynchronous call-and-forget VI call.

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