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Possible bug in functions "Euler angles to rotation matrix"?


Dear comunity,

I have observed an error using the functions "Euler angles to rotation matric" and its inverse function. The same occurs with the function "RPY angles to rotation matrix" and its inverse function. Their operation differs from what is expected and the equivalent functions in Matlab work properly. I attach a VI to demonstrate this error ("Euler_RPY_orientation".

Do you think this is an error or I am using these functions in a wrong way?

Thank you very much

Dr Manel Puig

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Dear Community,

Have someone found also this problem?

Have someone a solution for this problem?

Thank you very much to answer...


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Well, I actually know something about this topic, but I cannot comment on VIs that I cannot see!.  Specifically, the four VIs to convert Euler Angles or RPY to Rotation Matrix and back were not attached nor visible.  I recommend that you put all of the VIs in a folder, compress the folder, and attach the resulting .ZIP file.  You should also specify if you are using a Right-Hand or Left-Hand coordinate system and if you are using a Helmholtz or Fick gimbal.


Bob Schor

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