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Porting Mac os VI to windows changes controls position

I have an application that I want to use on both Mac and PC. I noticed an annoying bug(?) that when I move the VI from Mac to PC and back some of the front panel controls stay in their place, but some change their relative position. If I align some controls on one OS, they would be misaligned on the other.


How do I fix them in place, and what could be causing it in the 1st place?  There're no overlapping labels or text on either OS version.

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I work mostly on the Mac and often open VIs which were written on Windows.  Other than font issues I do not recall seeing anything like what you have described.


Can you post a simple VI which shows the effect?  Screen shots showing how it looks on the different platforms might be helpful also.



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Are you using the system controls?

LabVIEW 2012

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opps, I clicked on something in this thread and it says that this problem is solved now. Don't know how to revert it.


Could hidden controls cause other controls to move as one ports the FP across platforms? It does have quite a few at the moment. 


The app itself created  by co-worker on MAC and too big/complicated to post here, with too many controls to my taste by I have to adapt it to work smoothly on PC and MAC. 

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That's ok, if you cannot post the code just post a screenshot of the front panel (or part of the front panel) showing what it looks like on a Mac, and another screenshot showing what it looks like on a PC.


Can you try a test with a dummy VI that only has the controls which are not hidden on the front panel? Try that dummy VI on both platforms and see if it makes a difference.


One question is, are you using the system controls? I don't know if that makes a difference in alignment and positioning.

LabVIEW 2012

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No, we are not using system controls. The app originated on the MAC.


Here're two screen shots of the same view, 1st the controls were aligned on PC (fig1), then vi was saved and then opened on the MAC (fig2).


One of the array controls jumped up.



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Hi Fedor,


I'm guessing that this difference is being caused by the different OS fonts that LabVIEW inherits from PC vs. Mac.  Try changing or decreasing the default font in the LabVIEW preferences file on the Mac (\Users\<your user>\Library\Preferences\ <LabVIEW version number> Preferences).  You can modify the fonts and sizes by adding the folowing tokens:


FPFont="font name" 13 
BDFont="font name" 13 
appFont="font name" 13 
dialogFont="font name" 13 
systemFont="font name" 13 


See if a smaller font size or different font allows the VI to render correctly.






Brian G.
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That really does not look like the typical font issue to me.


You said that the controls were aligned on one platform and then move when switched to the other platform.  Exactly how were they aligned? Tops, Bottoms, Centers?  Which controls were aligned?  If you move the VI back to the other platform does it change back?  Is it reproducible?  Are there any hidden controls?



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We set all font sizes on all controls and labels to  12pts


There were hidden controls, but we got rid of them.


On the screenshot, top of the array "B column rescale" was aligned with 2 other arrays next to it on PC and it moves up on MAC. If it is aligned on MAC, it moves down on PC. There few more controls moving  like that throughout the front panel.

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It could be a bug. As a workaround have you tried grouping and/or locking them?



LabVIEW 2012

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