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Porting Mac os VI to windows changes controls position

Just tried grouping and locking on PC - the control in question still goes higher on the mac. 

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Have you tried to delete the indicator and recreate it?  


I still think this could very well be a font issue.  You can see how much bigger all of the text boxes and objects are on the Mac.  These cannot be changed through the normal LabVIEW settings, only the preferences file.




Brian G.
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Does it only do this on this one particular VI or have you seen it on other VIs?


What version of LV are you using?  Do you have the same version on both the Mac and Windows computer?  Was the original VI developed in an earlier version of LV? Soemtimes wierd things happen when updating from older versions, especially cross platform.


Have you tried deleting the offending controls and putting new ones on the panel? (Do not use Replace...) Sometimes this can fix mysterious behavior.  Have you ever seen an insane object error on these VIs, even if it went away? 



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