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Populating a VISA with filtered IO at run-time

I have several devices connected to a GPIB bus, and I'd like to restrict the user-selection to only certain Manucturer and Models for this application.  The program's VISA control is bundled in a 1D Array of Clusters.  I'd like to avoid using a Ring Control and translating to a VISA, if possible.  I can use the Find VISA Resource to get an array, and index through that array with IDN queries and parse the results - but I can'tfigure out how to set the values of the VISA control with the results. I think can use the search string on Find VISA to skip the IDN/parsing...just can't figure out how.


In the attached code, I was playing with doing the same thing with VISAs and Strings, on the off-chance I'd have to go the Ring Control route.

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I believe the VISA Resource control is populated with the contents of visaconf.ini so you could try editing that. Of course that could break any other program. I think the ring control is the best bet.
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If I understand correctly, you are building a string array of devices that meet a make/model criteria and you would only like to use those devices.


Is it possible to populate the Strings[] property of a combo box with the list of devices and use the combo box to select the instrument?  You would then just read the combo box string and feed that into the VISA open or Find VISA Resource (if it is not a full device resource name).


I don't have any GPIB instruments to parse through, but see the attached image

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