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Poperty Node System session -> Hostname responding with DNS name?

Hi there,


in the attached snippet, the Poperty node will reply with the hostname (i.e. "HelloWorld") when deployed from the development GUI - which is correct - and with the DNS name (i.e. "HelloWorld.local") when deployed stand-alone to the RT system (sbRIO 9627 in my case). Is this an intended behaviour? If yes, why would I want the property "hostname" to not reply with the hostname? How do I retrieve *only* the hostname?



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If you "get help" for the Hostname property, you'll see "Specifies the requested hostname for a remote system or network device.  This may or may not be the same as the DNS name".


You've discovered that for your sbRIO RT system, there's a ".local" tag on the end.  Getting rid of that "known" tag is a simple matter for a String function (I'd probably use "Scan from String" with a format of %s.local, but I'd test it to make sure it worked as I wanted).


Bob Schor

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Thanks Bob.


So indeed it is a non-deterministic behaviour how the hostname property will respond? ... (!!) ... A property with "may or may not be" as description is far from being a helpful property to be very honest.


Regarding the workaround of deleting the ".local" part: Is this deterministic? Will the ".local" attachement be the same for other sbRIOs? Background: I am planning to mass-deploy this on a number of systems, which should all react to different config files according to their hostname. If there is a better way to do this, *PLS* let me know. 😉


TY and best regard,


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