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Polynomial's application

Hi everyone,

using Vision(as you can see in the picture below) i arrived, by the application of two filters, at this final distribution. My aim is, using Labview, to apply at this distribution a polynomial to obtain a curve without disturbs(the distribution is shown in the histogram). How can i do it?

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Hi Paino 19,


you should be able to get the histogram from the Vision Assistant Express VI, and from there you can use the interpolation function you need from the Palette -> Mathematics -> Fitting or Interp & Extrap.


Hope that helps!



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Ok thanks and you know how i can get the histogram? With the line profile? Below is what i have done till now.

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Hi Paino19,


attached you can find the code and some screenshots of what you should do. Hope it helps.



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Go to Help-> Find Examples-> search for Histogram and you should be able to do it with line profile.


Edit: There's line profile example also you can check with.

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