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Polar Plot Help



I searched the web for a while to try and find a solution for my problem, but had no luck. I am doing this for a design project in college. Anyway, I am trying to manipulate the polar plot, but I am not having good luck. Here is what I am trying to do:

  • Remove magnitude labels from plot
  • Rotate plot so 0° is north (or just remove the degree labels all together)
  • Manually input the degrees with an indicator

Could anyone help me compete this? Or should I try to look into the "compass" that labview has?




An Engineer-In-Training

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As I recall, plotting in Polar Coordinates was (let's be kind and say) problematic in LabVIEW.  Apparently some other LabVIEW users felt the same way, as an Advanced Plotting Toolkit that (among other things) seems to support Polar Plots has been released to the Community.  I haven't used it, but you might check it out (and report back to us if you really like it!).


Bob Schor

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If you only need a compass the polar plot will be overkill.


If you follow your "compass" tag to the related links you will find this thread where I included instruction on how to create a compass.




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I tried to get that downloaded and working-- but I had no luck. I'll probably dive into other options before I continue exploring this one. Thanks though!

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That post is really dated... I cannot even open the VI's. Is this using a dial? I need it to be analog, or have at least 360 steps.





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If you explore the 2D Compass shown on the Front Panel Graph Palette, it takes arrays of Radius and Theta (angle in radians) data, puts them through a Plot Helper (Vector) sub-VI that adds them to a 2D Plot Class Object Array, then plots them on the (single-"axis") Compass Plot.  The only "axis" that you can scale is Radius (Theta "naturally" runs from 0 to TwoPi, but you can't specify origin, units, etc.).  Also, according to the LabVIEW Help, a Compass Graph consists of vectors plotted from the Origin, not what I'd call a Polar Plot.


Sorry to be the Bearer of Bad News.  However, I did just download and install the Advanced Plotting Toolkit from the LabVIEW Tools Network into LabVIEW 2016 and ran their Polar Plots example which does, indeed, make a nice Polar Plot of random data (points) and the best fit straight line through it (it turns out to be a spiral, as the radius was proportional to Theta and went from 0 to around 11).


I haven't played with this enough to know if you can change the labels on the plot.  Currently Theta = 0 is along the positive X axis, increasing counter-clockwise (the usual convention), with the "Theta lines" labelled in Degrees, not radians.  My guess (but only a guess!) is that this may be changable ...


Bob Schor

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