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Pmod connector, Bread Board area,Rotary Clock Knob-- UCF file for NI DEFPGA board is required

  I am using SPARTAN 3E FPGA kit (Xilinx XC3S500E-4FTG256C)

 The  user manual is partly describes pin-outs of the kit .


UCF file details provided for 


1.Led (0 to 7)

2.Slide switches (0 to 7)

3.Push buttons (0 to 3)

4.Seven segment display

5.50 MHZ internal clock


UCF file details required for


1.The six no of PMOD connectors

2.Bread Board area (i.e General purpose I/o)

3.NI ELVIS connector

4.Rotary Clock Knob .


            Besides implementing basic logic ,other interesting features like serial communication ,higher bit operation etc. of FPGA kit must be explored to complete my project .

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