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Plot the integration of 4 differential equations


I am based on the Lorenz example implemented in Labview to plot a dynamic attractor in 3D.

I just changed the Lorenz differential equations with my differential equations as attached below.

Labview runs without error but gives zero for all the coordinates. Lorenz system works very well.

Can someone explain why this happened? And how Can I solve it?

Thank you in advance,



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Have you checked, where you get zero results at first?

Some array indexing is done, are the arrays zero before or after?

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I have no clue how they can be filled and this is why I am posting this topic.

They were empty before the run.



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 Hi Zied,

I would first verify your script on The MathWorks, Inc. MATHLAB® software and make sure that your T and Y value are outputted correctly.

MATLAB® is a registered trademark of The MathWorks, Inc.

Saki K.
Applications Engineer
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No, i mean you do not know currently at which part of the bd or the external ml code the error happens. Maybe the data is output correctly from the ml code but some of the array functions return the wrong part of the array or the indices are exchanged or something. That's why you should probe the wires in the bd to get intermediate results.


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