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Plot rotated ellipse from points


I'm attempting to input 8 data points taken from sensors into LabView and then fit these points to an ellipse. The biggest issue I'm having is the ellipse could be rotated at any angle. Is there any way to determine the rotation as well as extract the equation from the fitted ellipse? I haven't dabbled in LabView for a few years and calculus has been slow to come back to me. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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Could you please elaborate on the problem so that we can better help you? Wha exactly do you mean by getting data and fitting into an ellipse? are you using our hardware through DAQmx or third party devices? By fitting into Ellipse do you mean into an XY graph and making sure a drawn ellipse encloses all the X,Y points in the graph? any and all information to your problem will help. Thanks!

Daniel G.
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My apologies for being extremely vague Smiley Embarassed I had planned on acquiring data through a optoNCDT 2401 controller. It's used for confocal sensors measuring displacement. I was initially hoping to use the RS422 connection to transmit data but it appears that USB would work fine as well. I'm looking to input data from 8 points within a measurement device fitted in a circular fashion. After all the data has been received, the ellipse should include all points in the fitting and plot on an XY plane. The plot is more of a final touch though. What would be more important is retrieving the data from the fitted equation to determine the eccentricity of the ellipse that is generated from 8 points of data. I hope this helps a little more. If there is any other confusion please let me know so I can attempt to clarify.

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