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Plot Name Update Causes Flickers

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I found this method in another thread, and it's pretty ingenious; but I have a slight problem with it.  My application has three data collection cards plotting to six different waveform graphs, and each graph has multiple plots showing on it.  I was originally naming the plots manually, but for some weird reason they would occasionally drop the names I'd assigned and resort to temperature 1, temperature 2, etc.  As a result, I implemented this fix:



So here's the problem.  Each time the program loops, the names flicker to the (correct) ones I have set with this method, only to flicker back to "temperature 1, temperature 2," etc.  Not a huge problem as long as the sample time is fairly short (like, once a second or less), because at that rate the time "on" is longer than the time "off."  However, we're running long-duration tests and want to cut back to sampling once a minute or so.  At that rate, the correct name flickers onto the screen and is replaced with the wrong one, for the remaining 59.25 seconds seconds or so until the next sampl is taken.

Is there a way to make the plot names persist, when adjusting them programmatically like this?  Mind you, I wouldn't have had to do this in the first place, but manual naming eventually overwrites itself, so I kind of wanted to work out a way (like this) where I could write in an array of string constants and count on them to consistently correct the problem.


Thanks for your help!



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How are you generating the data in the first place? Is it with a DAQ Assistant? If so, that is where the plot names would be coming from and you can change the names there. You can also select to 'Ignore Attributes' so that the graph will not use the names in the DAQ Assistant and you will only have to set the names once.
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Thanks, Dennis!  I had read about the "ignore attributes" thing elsewhere, but kept looking for it in the waveform depiction in the block diagram.  That solved the problem.



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