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Perplexed by myRIO AO Sampling Rate

@MichaelBalzer wrote:

@BertMcMahan wrote:

I think you're going to get some issues using the delay like that. Outputting to AO takes some finite amount of time, so with the sequence structure you'll be waiting 8 µs, then [AO write time], then looping. You're guaranteed to get something slower than your desired loop rate. It may not be significant (I don't know how many clock cycles it takes to perform an AO) but it may be worth looking into.

Writing to the AO will take some time but the Loop Timer function should handle that, just so long as the entire loop execution takes no longer than 8µs. For example if the AO write takes 1µs the loop timer should only wait 7µs, keeping the loop running at the correct rate.

You're right- I thought that was a Wait function, not a Loop Timer.

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